Paypal is an international portal to pay or receive payment. Companies and individuals these days use Paypal in their foreign dealings to make the process easy. Paypal has many features that help people to make their money dealings in a simple way. One of the most amazing features of PayPal is that it automatically converts the currency at the receiver’s end.


    With this huge usage of PayPal in the world, people sometimes face problems. To resolve this PayPal set up a PayPal phone number long with a team to resolve their issues. You need to dial 1-888-309-6210 if you are facing any problem while using PayPal. By this, you will be able to discuss your problem with the expert and they will help you to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

    Why do people can PayPal Phone Number?

    There are many reasons to contact PayPal that are listed below:

    • Queries about balances and charges
    • Request for compensations or other refunds
    • Reporting identify fraud and theft
    • Questions about account freezes, verification, and holds
    • Reporting unnecessary charges
    • Issues with PayPal credit cards, debit cards, and loans.
    • Queries related to verification of documents submitted.
    • PayPal account is not working.
    • Unable to add your details on PayPal
    • And more.

    In the case of these above-listed reasons, you can contact PayPal and get the solution to your queries.

    Best practices for contacting PayPal Phone Number

    There are many different things that you can do to save your time while contacting PayPal:

    • If you are seeking help with a Debit card or credit card then you can contact the number mentioned on the back of the card. There are separate numbers for different countries. If you are in the USA and you want to talk in Spanish then you can select the language accordingly.
    • You are supposed to call during the service hours i.e. 6 A.M to 6 P.M.
    • If you are not able to get connected with the number mentioned on your debit or credit card then you can visit your PayPal account and click on the contact us option to proceed with the call.
    • PayPal highly takes care of security. You are always recommended to call from the number that is registered with PayPal. Anyhow if you are calling from the other number then you need to answer many questions to verify that you are the same person.
    • The caller is allowed to take notes during the call to use if they have to escalate their case.

    How Paypal handle their customer’s queries?

    Once you call PayPal to resolve your query, PayPal sticks to the customer until the problem gets resolved. The expert will understand your query first and then check which department is concerned to resolve the query. Then they connect the customer to the concerned department and in the end, you will definitely get the answer to the query. If anyhow PayPal fails to resolve the query or to give a satisfactory solution then you can contact the third-party service providers.